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You can rest assured that every one of our

products are designed, turned, carved and

sanded using the industry’s latest


What we do

Quality Craftsmanship

We construct most of our wood products

from Sheesham, Mango, and Acacia; extremely

durable woods with beautiful grain

which is local to our home.

Who we are

Shortly about us

Our team of experts and skilled craftsmen

are a strong support to our company. We are

a customer centric firm that provides its

customers with utmost satisfaction.


All stock item orders will be delivered within the given time frame. We offer a reliable delivery service without any increase in costs to you.


Our company has the capability to work with most any kind of hard or softwood you can imagine. We have the expertise to produce exactly the piece you need. We routinely perform routing, flatwork, etc.


Our expertise and problem solving skills have made it possible to provide high quality products at competitive prices for over many years by following some basic values that are engrained in our company.


New and potential products are conceived and developed frequently in order to offer our customers the most up to date and highest quality products.


Wooden masterpieces that attract attention
As one of the leading suppliers of custom wood turnings, carving, design; our Company provides the highest quality and service to professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike.


This Is How We Do It

Highest quality

Highest quality

Every product has a story.

1. Wood procurement

1. Wood procurement

The Solid Wood lumber (Mango, Sheesham or Teak) needs to be procured at an optimum level of dryness to avoid infestation.All raw materials are sourced by manufacturers from the pre-approved suppliers only to ensure standardisation and best quality.

2. Cutting & panel making

2. Cutting & panel making

The rough lumber is then sliced into selected length to match the furniture specifications. These panels are then glued and are placed into a pneumatic clamp carrier where constant and even pressure insures only the best joints.

3. Sanding & finishing

3. Sanding & finishing

After designated drying times, sanding is performed. Sanding helps eliminate any scratches, cuts, or flaws in the wood. Sanding is also needed in order to ensure that a wood stain soaks in to the wood surface properly. After sanding the wood is stained using solvent based strainers as per the colour selected.

4. Quality check

4. Quality check

Each piece of furniture is then quality checked for dimensions, design accuracy, finish quality, raw materials used and exactness of the wood colour at the manufacturers location.

5. Multi layered packaging

5. Multi layered packaging

Each piece of furniture is packed with four layers of packaging – bubble wraps, corrugated roles, and outer cartons. All corners are additionally covered with protectors and void spaces are filled using filling material to ensure minimal transit damage.

6. Last mile delivery

6. Last mile delivery

Finally, goods are packed and ready to ship at desired location. Goods are stuffed in the container with supervision of our team so no damage is caused at the time of delivery.


  • Dining Tables

  • Chairs

  • Wooden Decoratives

  • Cabinets 

  • TV Units

  • Chest of Drawer & Side Boards

  • Stools


About Us

We offer premium range of wooden products

Our company is a highly trustworthy company that brings forth a range of Handcrafted Wooden Products. The different products offered by us are Coffee Table, Dining Table, Cabinets, TV Units, Side Board, Chairs, Mirror, Decor etc. The interesting patterns and unique designs of our wooden products have captured the hearts of many. Our team of experts and skilled craftsmen are a strong support to our company. We are a customer centric firm that provides its customers with utmost satisfaction. We assure safe packaging and exporting of goods.